March 12th 2014

Hey there! So, m0cks „components“ 10“ has been out there for a bit now and we couldn’t be happier. Here’s what some people had so say about it:

“mOck is a strange sounding band to begin, oozing with originality. This EP takes some enormous steps in an interesting and mesmerizing direction, and it’s a joy to listen to.” (

“Components often toys with jazz-like formulas and adds a healthy dose of math rock to the mix, as the track “Singh” showcases. The EP is brimming with quiet complexity. The instrumentation is brimming with virtuosity, but never in a showy manner. All the tight, intricately woven sections flow gracefully like a feather in the breeze.” (

We’re glad to see this great record is appreciated by other people too.

You can get your copy through bandcamp. It is also available in the US from Nefarious Industries and in Japan from Friend of Mine records (who just released a cd-version of m0cks LP including the 10” songs as well)…



Happy new year to all! We have a bunch of exciting things coming up, only one of which we can as of yet announce: on February 21st we’ll put a 10” vinyl ep by Berlins diy-sweethearts m0ck. Their third release on coraille, and we couldn’t be happier! m0ck have been one of our favorite bands for a while now and their puzzle-rock keeps getting sweeter and sweeter… listen to the instrumental “singh” here (the other three songs will have vocals), you can also pre-order the record if you want.

Stay tuned for more news!


Ein gutes neues Jahr allerseits! Für 2014 haben wir eine ganze Reihe aufregender Dinge geplant, spruchreif ist aber bisher nur das hier: am 21. Februar gibt es frisches Vinyl von unseren Lieblingen m0ck, vier neue Stücke auf einer 10“. Hier findet ihr neben einer Vorbestellt-Option für die Platte einen der neuen Songs zum Reinhören (die anderen drei dann auch mit Gesang)…

Mehr Neuigkeiten folgen bald!

m0ck * components 10″

upcoming live-dates!


03.06.12 – DE – Münster @ Gleis 22 w/ The Pirate Ship Quintet, Racquets

21.06.12 – DE – Berlin @ Adam Audio HQ

23.06.12 – DE – Berlin @ Pony Royal

07.07.12 – DE – Würzburg @ Cairo


07.07.12 – DE – Esslingen @ Komma Sommerfest


looking back:

m0ck had a very eventful spring this year… they released to records – their full-length debut LP (coraille #13) and a split 7” with Victor Villarreal (coraille #14) and went on a nice trip, again with Victor Villarreal


Reviews for the LP have been written so far by (among others) Oliver Arditi, Berlin Beat and Intro (this last one is in German only)… reactions have been pretty positive so far, thanks!


sissters also hit the road in spring traveling around Europe for a month with Des Ark … find some pictures from that trip here.